IPA Institute for Political Analysis Prof. Dr. Volker von Prittwitz
Voting with their Feet The refugees fly from the rule of religion and tyranny to the rule of law Where religions and tyrants are ruling, law is only a marginal phenomenon - leading to misery and war whenever power is provoked. Therefore freedom of faith must not mean to give leeways for absolute religious power and tyranny. In contrast, domestic and international politics are urgently challenged to establish an international order of law. Although an order of that kind seems to be far away, it is the main prospect of global civility. The main way to approach this end is multilevel governance for the people (effective state), of the people (human rights), and by the people (effective participation) - no western, but a global approach, traceable back to cradles and current sources in all regions and all cultures of this Earth. See for instance old Chinese philosophies or African ways of communal meetings. The current weakness and  crisis of the United Nations has to be issued consequentially. What we, the people of this Earth, need is a global system of law with strong United Nations. Particularly middle range states like Germany and the European Union at all have a particular responsibility to stimulate a political process into that direction. This is a part of effective refugee policy. VP     
Source: tagesschau.de