After 5 years suffering, death, and destruction End the Syrian War now!
The war started to develope like a childish prank: Since January 2011 protests and minor forms of uprising against the ruling system in Syria came up; since March 15, 2011, dynamics towards war gained momentum - a well documented process. Obviously  ideas of democratical revolution, the message of the Arab Spring, and the deeply authoritarian Syrian system did not match to bring about a constructive development. In the ethnically and culturally split country, the loss of the given institutional balance - Assad was an elected president - very soon led to war-like attitudes and a war that has been brutally waged from all sides.
Poster published 23 March 2011 on social websites; wiki/Civil_uprising_phase _of_the_Syrian_Civil_War
That awful dynamics has been instrumentalized and worsened by diverse actors, particularly islamistic extremists (Al-Nusra front, ISIS) and rich power-oriented supporters, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. The USA and Israel have been playing highly ambivalent roles obviously without having a clear strategy; Iran and Russia have stabilized the former ruler who has become hated by his brutal ways of military action; the main exporters of weapons and other war-fare tools, first of all USA, Russia, France, Germany, and Israel, did make bloody money.
Now, after many millions of people had to experience one of the most cruel wars in world history and over-regional impacts become more and more significant, lessons have to been drawn. Each actor is to think about own failures that have stimulated the momentum of war. The Syrian war has to be issued as a common tragedy; particularly the basic mechanisms to start and to reinforce the logic of war are to be analyzed - as a learning tool for avoiding similar processes in other regions. The current peace conference is to act: End the Syrian War now!  
Military situation/March 15, 2016: Red: Syrian Government, Yellow: Syrian Democratic Forces (Rojava), Grey: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, White: al-Nusra Front, Green: Syrian Opposition Source: Wikipedia Current Spiegel text (in German): schlimmer-a-1082184.html 2)