Scientific Background Illiberal Democracy is a wide-spread, but controversial term of Political Science, denoting a special type of so-called Defective Democracy (; This terminology may denote political systems between democracy and autocracy respectively anomy. The denotation of a system as democracy, however, misses the fact that there is a functional logic of democracy. Any functioning democracy strictly requires the reciprocal effects of governance of the people (human rights and bound governance), governance by the people (Empowerment, particpiation), and governance for the people (effective governance, public policies) - see the figure aside. If anyone of these requirements as not fulfilled, the system necessarily changes to autocracy, or it breaks down (anomy). See in detail: Figure: The Logic of Democracy  
Illiberal Democracy? German chanceler Angela Merkel visited Hungary for the first time in five years. After a meeting with prime minister Viktor Orbán, Merkel stresses the significance of opposition, civil society, and media for a democracy. We don’t believe that any democracy necessarily requires to be liberal, counters Orbán. Indeed, both politicians are chairpersons of parties that belong the the common European party family of EVP; yet their conceptions of democracy vary widely. Hungary’s prime minister defends his position expressively. Merkel, in contrast, emphasizes: I can't do anything with the word 'illiberal' regarding democracy.
 Viktor Orban Source: r_Orb
Angela Merkel  Source: bs/BKi