Political Conclusions A program to protect civilization 
Effective Integration Processes of barbarization can only be avoided based on effective social integration. Only if everybody has a good chance to become an accepted member of a society and socialisation is understood and managed as more than a nothing but private matter, effective integration has a chance to exclude the emergence of barbarity.     At that, formal systems of bound governance such as law, competition, sports, memberships have to be concretely accessible and practically handable for anybody: a) by opening those systems (open access), b) by strictly protecting fair and free procedures through a clear separation between the rule level on the one side and the operative levels on the other side (for instance clearly differentiate referee and players) c) by shaping system rules in a way that correspond with different capacities in a society and give everybody a real chance to be successful. See for example league systems that enable everybody to play with matching competitors - including chances to promote to a higher league as well as the risk to go to a lower league (relegation). d) by fostering functional groups that give chances, stabilize, and help also weaker and marginalized individuals.  Civil Religion Freedom of religion is sometimes interpreted in an arbitrary way (allowing any kind and power of religion). In clear contrast to that interpretation, open societies can only exist if all religions and  worldviews (philosophies) respect basic needs of reciprocality (respect of life, respect of plurality). In that sense, only civil religions, philosophies, and political efforts can be accepted as parts of a civilized society (see http://www.volkervonprittwitz.de/civil_religion.htm) Humanity  In history, the respect of any human being had often to be fought for against given power including the power of given religions. Also civil rights and political fredoms are no religious institutions, but political institutions of an open society. Finally political movements such as the workers’ movement, the ecology movement, or the women movement, have pushed forward essential progress for the practical realisation of liberal freedoms in broad parts of the society. Also in the future humanity, human rights, and political movements are main sources of effective civilization, sources that should be perceived self-consciously and proudly. It is up to religions to participate in processes of civilization; the main value that brings these processes forward, indeed, is humanity, and the main power basis is democratic decision-making. That’s why we need global communication about values and procedures that enable a peaceful, fair, and free living together.   
Effective International politics An international program for protecting civilization against barbarity should comprise: 1) Intensifying efforts to build an effective coalition against the IS. That coalition should include not only the current main military actors (USA, Russia, France with Europe, Iran, Syria) and other relevant actors of the Middle East Region, (Egypt, Turkey, Katar, Saudi-Arabia), but whole United Nations. The fight against barbarity is an urgent challenge of the world community. That’s why both the Security Council and the General Assembly should explicitly legitimate and support necessary military, political, and economic measures to stop selling weapons and to stop buying oil, stolen art, and other offers of IS. 2) Doing everything feasible to end the Syrian War, particularly fostering the current process of negotations between all involved actors except IS. 3) Doing anything to turn back given failed states to areas of effective governance - currently particularly strengthening efforts to revitalize Libya’s governance. 4) Doing anything to avoid the development of new failed states, particularly by becoming sensitive for differences between authoritarian and totalitarian states and by strictly avoiding the emergence of new civil wars. 5) Being aware of politically detrimental vested interests of the United States and the NATO that turn into forms of corruption, sofar the USA act as world policeman: Why have the oil resources of the IS not been completely bombed by the US air force? Why have no relevant political efforts made to limit the power of Saudi-Arabia, the main source of extremist islamism in the world? 6) Being aware of detrimental impacts of broad armament and weapon exports particularly by the USA, Russia, France, Israel, and Germany. Any export of weapons is - in general - illegitimate and should be stopped. We need a UN based control of weapon exports and weapon production as well as a UN monopole of legitimating the usage of weapons against barbarity such as the IS.  7) Being aware that barbarity has crucial cultural sources: Barbarity is no simple reflex of economic poverty or even genetically programmed; it rather results from barbarian cultural influences such as narrow-minded patterns of friend or foe and religiously proclaimed holly wars. As long as basic cultural entities produce hate and war, there is no chance of getting peace. That’s why international politics has a mission of cultural detente.